Before Bear was born I used to write every day. It might be a sentence, a tirade or even an essay. However long or short, it made everything else in my life work better. Now Bear is at school, I have a bit of space to get to know myself again. Who is this person I spend all my time with? How well do I know her? Do I even like her? When I decide what to do next: write a book, start a business, do my PhD, go back to work (ok, so I’m not giving that one any serious thought), I could write about it. But what if none of these things ever becomes important enough for me to actually do? Do I just drift along as each year passes me by?

What if THIS IS IT? What if I NEVER do anything else?

These pages are about the gaps between words, the space between objects in a landscape, the pauses in music. This is the invisible place where my life goes on. This is what I do when to the whole world, it looks like nothing.

Mr. Invisible is the lucky man in my life and Bear is our 5 year old son. Dogford and Catford are our family pets.

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